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Frequently Asked Questions

It is necessary to have a valid category B driving license for at least 1 year from issuing the Economy and Compact vehicle for rent, or 3 years for renting cars of all other classes. Signing the rental agreement should also show a valid ID or passport and have a debit and / or credit card to secure the deposit.

The deposit, i.e. the amount to secure any settlements of the rental company towards the Lessee. The deposit is secured in the form of a pre-authorization on the payment card. For the Family, Premium, SUV Premium, Luxury, SUV Luxury car classes, two cards are required, one of which is a credit card.

  • Mini and Economy Class – PLN 2,000
  • Compact Class, Crossover, Small vans – PLN 2,500
  • Family Class, SUV, VAN, Large vans, Pickup – PLN 3,000
  • Premium class, Premium SUV – PLN 4,000
  • Luxury class, luxury SUV – PLN 5,000

    The given amounts are gross amounts.

You can pay for the car reservation by on-line transfer before renting (temporary unavailable), or with a payment card on the spot before signing the contract.